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A One-Stop Shop For Plastic Packaging Products in 2021

KAV Imports is your best source for high quality plastic bags and plastic packaging products in the US. We are a wholesale distributor and a wholesale supplier in the United States for various industries. We pride ourselves with our excellent standards for all of our products and customer service, as well as with our competitive wholesale prices.
What We Offer
When you shop at our wide collection of wholesale bags at KAV Imports, we provide practical packaging options for your products. Our plastic bags and packaging come in a variety of sizes, colors and designs to meet any company’s specific packing needs. Our high-quality products are designed to make your business more convenient and cost-effective, while also keeping your customers happy.
Our customer base as wholesale distributors and wholesale suppliers of plastic packaging products in the United States includes wholesale customers, distributors, and other businesses that provide to, but are not limited to: Supermarkets, Discount grocery stores, Convenience stores, Dollar stores, and Liquor stores and other business that utilize plastic packaging products.

Why Choose Us
We supply and sell some of the best bags and plastic packaging products in the United States, as well as our own imported items. Innovative, ecological, and cost-effective packaging solutions are one of our top services for our customers in the retail, food, and hospitality industries, as well as general stores and wholesale suppliers and distributors.
Our extensive line of biodegradable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly packaging, which we refer to as value addition packaging. This is an idea that helps both our community and the environment. We developed a supply chain efficiency, faster delivery, standardized procedures, a wide selection of products, and a dedication to constant improvement as a supplier and distributor, making us the perfect choice for your trusted source of environmentally friendly packaging solution. Our professional team is ready to assist you with your packaging requirements and custom-made orders!
While growing our presence as a major force in our industry, we have been able to retain a personal contact with our ever-growing community of satisfied and valued clients. With a smile, we are constantly at your service!

Quality Products for Customers
Our goal at KAV Imports is to help you find the ideal supplies for your packaging needs. When you shop for bags at KAV Imports, you’ll be able to get just the right sizes, colors and styles to suit your product needs. We also offer professional customized design services for your convenience. With our high quality products, you can also provide a better experience for your customers as well.
Call us today and talk to our friendly customer service team, and we will be with you through every step of the process.

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