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What do you think about plastic waste management?

What do you think about plastic waste management ?

Festival is the time which ends with serious and high plastic waste generation.

It’s the time when pollution is at its peak. But is taking a halt at celebration possible or practical every time?

Undoubtedly no.

But by adopting a few practices during festivals can positively impact both human and environmental health.

Here is how you can make a change—

  1. Use long trash can liners for safe and hygienic waste disposal.
  2. Switch to greener options for gifting. For instance—Using canvas bag for giving gifts.
  3. Using recyclable plastics like HDPE or LLDPE for food takeaways.
  4. Using biodegradable substitution to one-time plastics.
  5. Ensuring separate disposal of dry and wet waste.
  6. Provide separate bins for disposal as per recyclable products.
  7. Serving food with reusable plates and cups.
  8. Using PP vacuum or sealed bags for avoiding food wastage and preservation.

What do you think about plastic waste management as a prerequisite during festivals? What is your approach?

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