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How are you contributing towards sustainability?

Sustainable shopping has both environmental and social impact.

It aligns and supports the entire product lifecycle—from manufacturing to disposal.

However, what follows next are the 3Rs— Reduce, Reuse & Repurpose.

These 3Rs help you complete your approach towards sustainability.


  1. Reduce– It all starts with the choices you make. Fashion, food, gift products must be a green choice.

For example- Reducing usage of harmful plastic bag and switching to biodegradable or compostable bags.


  1. Reuse– Switching to reusable products is the second step towards sustainability. Consumers can leverage such items and hugely impact positively to the environment.

For example— soft loop handle bags have a lifecycle of several years. They are highly water resistant and high density supporting its use a multiple time.


  1. Repurpose– It is the best alternative to the plastic items that are unavoidable or an occasional choice. Beyond recycling, repurposing is always an option to most of the one-time products.

For example- repurposing plastic bottles into creatively-crafted plant pot.


How are you contributing towards sustainability?

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