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Produce Rolls

Produce rolls are also known as grocery bags on core or bags on rolls.

These Bag on Rolls or Produce Rolls look clear and are given perforation for easy tearing when required. These rolls are offered in HDPE, LLDPE and LDPE depending on customer’s needs.

These produce rolls are mainly used at homes to preserve freshness of fruits or vegetables for longer time. Also, sometimes these bags are used to preserve the foods like sandwich, burgers, or any other food to keep it from being spoiled.

We manufacturer produce rolls using latest and modern technique machinery installed with excellence in sealing and perforation tools and precise guiders which ensures wonderful final products.

The material used is 100% Virgin and has NO Calcium or filler, thus is food contact approved.

We guarantee to manufacture genuine and best quality product which has approved all standards.

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600191581700PR121712 X 17 11CLEAR - 12x17 ~ 650 * 4-ROLLS
600191581717PR1217-HD 12 X 17 14CLEAR - 12x17 ~ 450 * 4-ROLLS
600191581724PR1220P 12 X 20 11PRINTED - 12x20 ~ 750 * 4-ROLLS
600191581731PR1220-HD 12 X 20 14CLEAR - 12x20 ~ 250 * 4-ROLLS


  • Fast completion Time & timely delivery.
  • Customized Printing Option.
  • Customized Size and Thickness.
  • OEM Services


  • Supermarkets
  • Grocery Stores
  • Vegetable Storage
  • Homes