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Mailer Bag Wholesaler in USA

Mailer Bag Wholesaler in USA

We here at KAV Imports offer a wide range of packaging bags, including mailer bags, plastic bags, carrying bags, shopping bags, merchandise bags, grocery bags, and more! We want to fulfill all your requirements with a cost-friendly approach and economically safe materials to elevate your business methods.

So for wholesaler buyers, distributors, and plastic companies who supply bags to supermarkets, grocery stores, and any other businesses that make use of plastic bags – KAV Imports is your one-stop solution. We will ensure your exchange is professional and we proficiently meet all your specifications. Get in touch today to learn more about our offerings.

Whatever type of business you run, it is critical that your customers are pleased and witness that you invest time and money to give a comprehensive service. Therefore, the method of packaging we suggest for postal services is opting for mailer bags and plastic bags. They are composed of recyclable materials and can be customized with your brand/business logo to induce top-of-mind recall every time they want a product you offer.

What Are Mailer Bags?

Mailer bags, also known as poly mailers or shipping bags, are the most cost-effective, lightest-weight, and long-lasting way to transport delicate items such as clothing and textiles. However, many businesses that prefer a sustainable and eco-friendly strategy would never opt for non-recyclable plastic solutions; hence our team at KAV Imports has come up with a safe solution for the environment and can be salvaged.

Mailer Bags incorporate a self-taping foldable lip, and it has enough space for you to paste a shipping label onto it. They come in various sizes; depending on the purpose of the mailer bag, they can be used for shoeboxes, accessories, clothes, and more.

KAV Imports offer a wide range of mailer bags in different sizes and are customizable. So if you are a wholesaler or distributor and seek to bulk-buy mailer bags, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team and avail of our exceptionally low rates.

Why Should Businesses Opt For Mailer Bags?

There are multiple advantages of choosing Mailer Bags over other packaging options, such as mailer boxes. Let’s consider why these will be beneficial in the long run – the main reasons being: much cheaper shipping expenses, lightweight, customizable branding possibilities, biodegradable and more!

We will be discussing all the benefits of mailer bags in greater detail, so please continue reading.


While the packaging of mailer boxes is solid and unaffected by damages, poly mailers offer protection and lowering shipping expenses. Compared to boxes, poly mailers cost less per shipping due to their lightweight and compact size.

For any business that incorporates or is thinking of incorporating mailer bags in their distribution approach, you should be aware that charges are incurred based on the dimensions of the package in addition to the weight. So if you opt for mailer boxes over mailer bags to ship out lightweight items, you will be wasting money that can be put to better use.

The reason behind lowered shipping costs is that mailer bags use less dimensional space, hence reducing dimensional weight. It will benefit you in the long run whenever you are shipping out bulk orders to opt for something that is both protective and cheap.


As mentioned earlier, mailer bags are small in size, resulting in an added benefit for storing these packages. You do not need colossal storage rooms and warehouses for bulk orders, as mailer boxes in comparison require a lot of space. You can opt for mailer bags; this way, you can store thrice as much stock in the same area. The advantage is subsequently enthralled over the shipping aspect as well.

Considering how common theft is nowadays when you ship out lightweight and delicate items in boxes, it is unlikely that they would fit in the mailbox; you would have to leave them out in the open, on the porch. When it comes to delivery, mailer bags can occasionally fit in a mailbox, which minimizes the likelihood of theft compared to a product left on a porch.


What better way to endorse your brand or business than printing your logo on every order you ship? Customers are indefinite to get impressed by this element, as they will notice that you are going out of the way to provide them with a personalized experience, rather than shipping out plain bags.

Wholesalers and distributors can avail of this option for their existing customers, as KAV Imports offer exceptional and high print quality mailer bags, that too at a lower price. Also, the packaging is not just limited to your logo; you can also add a color theme of your choice along with any images you want to add.

So this wraps up the benefits of mailer bags, its safe to assume that this is one of the most effective yet affordable ways to distribute and send out packages. If you have any further queries, you can always contact our diligent team at KAV Imports, who will walk you through the entire mechanism.

Let’s now move on to biodegradable plastic bags, which are also of great use and come with several advantages that we will shed light on for better understanding.


The use of plastic has been an ongoing concern for our environment, as they are not recyclable and are damaging our planet in the longer run. A suitable alternative that provides the same ease and convenience to the users is biodegradable plastic bags composed of recyclable materials, none of which gets wasted.

The literal meaning of a biodegradable bag is that it can decay naturally, without releasing any toxins or remaining unscathed even after years. These bags will disrupt into smaller bits and pieces by fungi or bacteria.

Why Should Businesses Opt For Plastic Bags?

These bags offer the same features that a regular non-biodegradable plastic bag provides; they are leakproof and offer equal strength. Additionally, it is environmentally suitable, so why should we not use these when we know that earth is in dire need of protection? Let’s discuss the several benefits that these plastic bags offer.


As discussed above, these biodegradable plastic bags are composed of natural resources, which indicates that they are safe to be around and use. Any business, they should make sure they are transitioning towards sustainability.

These biodegradable plastic bags do not release any toxic waste during their disintegrating process, compared to conventional plastic bags, which comprise poisonous by-products, damaging the environment in the long run.


For any business that makes use of recyclable plastic bags, it will surely benefit your brand image. In addition, your customers and consumers will witness that your organization is taking steps that support the environment and its conditions. Several major corporations are using this packaging method as they are starting to incorporate a sustainable business model that will be cost-effective and environmentally suitable.

Zara and Puma are great examples of this approach, as they make sure their stores have biodegradable carrying bags so that they can be reused, and even if they are thrown away, they can be recycled. These are some qualities consumers greatly appreciate – and this will for sure improve the brand’s image in their eyes.


This is another significant benefit of opting for plastic bags; if you run a supermarket or a liquor store, it will only cost you approximately $.25, compared to a paper or cloth bag that would cost you roughly 5 cents per piece. If you are a distributor or a wholesaler, we are sure that the demand for plastic bags would be much greater than that for paper bags.

KAV Imports excels in producing these bags, offering you the cheapest possible rates in the market that will allow you to profit only by selling these in bulk and promoting a sustainable front in your approach. We have various options available and different sizes; please get in touch with our representatives by filling out the contact form on our website, and learn all there is to know about our biodegradable plastic bags.


This is also a benefit of plastic bags, just as it was for mailer bags – you can market your business on your packaging through incorporating your logo, color scheme, and more on your plastic bags!

KAV Imports suggest that all companies use this technique, as you constantly remind your customers of your business name and logo. An added plus point is that you can modify it easily; if you need to make any changes, you can add those the next time you order the plastic bags.

We can add more benefits to the list, such as swift packaging, durability, weatherproof, consumption of less energy, and so forth, but you get the picture!


If you are looking for cheaper and more environmentally safe packaging options for various purposes, then get in touch with KAV Imports, which offers high-quality mailer bags and plastic bags, which are biodegradable to the fullest. Your business will cut on recurring costs and promote your brand image.

We encourage all wholesalers and distributors, and superstore owners to work with our professional team and experience the absolute best when it comes to packaging quality. We provide bags in all sizes – so whatever your requirements maybe – we are here to help!

Get in touch today.

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