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Is plastic a villain of all times?

A significant part of our life is spent using plastic products.

We begin our day with plastic-packed milk bottles and end throwing out our daily household waste in the trash plastic lining.

No doubt, humanity has started favoring our mother earth by an inch using biodegradable plastic products.

But a few facts turn plastic an unavoidable savior at times.

Here are 3 lesser-known favorable facts about plastics you probably cannot turn a blind eye to:

  1. Plastics reduce environmental footprint— recycling and reusing plastic responsibly than plant/wood-based products can save green life.


  1. Plastics reduce food shortage— Plastic packing of food extends food’s life span. It minimizes contamination due to bacteria, moisture, and chemical changes, thereby reducing food wastage and shortage.


  1. Zero plastic medical equipment is in ideal healthcare— It prevents cross-contamination of medicines and infection spread.

When did you come across plastic as a savior?

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