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Daily waste disposal with utmost safety

A milk tetra-pack or a bottle of perfume, at the time of disposal, it eventually ends up in a single garbage bag at your home.

Considering safe and hygienic waste disposal is one of the basic practices missing at every home.

It may appear as a minuscule hygienic initiative at home. But it contributes to planet pollution reduction at a much wider scale.


How can one improvise daily waste disposal with utmost safety?

Here is how you can do it without a hitch—

  1. Do the green and reds-Feed compostable/organic items like food leftovers to the green bin and non-organic waste to the red.
  2. Dry off the waste before disposal- Make sure the wet wastes like a milk can, food gravy does not spoil your garbage bin.
  3. Use trash can liners- Using garbage bags made up of high-quality HDPE and LLDPE ensures no spillage of liquid waste. It further prevents garbage odor.

Are you a planet promoter? How well do you follow safe and hygienic waste disposal?

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